Center Console Boats: Custom Fishing Upgrades

Center console boats can be versatile fishing machines. If you're looking to put more trophy catches onto the deck of your center console boat, the right custom fishing upgrades can make a big difference. Here are some custom fishing upgrade ideas to consider for your center console boat. Technology Upgrades In the past few years, fishing technology has advanced exponentially. Having the right technology on your center console boat can help you locate more fish, stalk them with more stealth, and extend the battery life you need to make it all happen. [Read More]

Three Tips To Know When Shopping For A Gun

Owning a gun is a right granted by the Second Amendment and enjoyed by many. The gun market is rich with different calibers, styles, and selections that you can decide between. Buying a gun means considering, first, why you'd like to own one. From there, you should consider the types of guns available and then find a gun shop that can sell them to you. Use the information below to push toward the decision that makes the most sense for you. [Read More]

What Is Included In A Fishing Charter?

If you are thinking about going on your first fishing charter, you may have some questions as to what you should bring and what is already included. While no two fishing charters are exactly the same, there are a few things that will most likely be included in your adventure, including the following. Equipment Most fishing charters will include everything you need to catch fish including rods, reels, the appropriate line, and even hooks and lures. [Read More]

Top Signs You Should Purchase a Silencer for Your Pistol

As a pistol owner, you might already have some accessories for your gun, such as a holster. However, you might not have a silencer. A silencer can be a good purchase for many pistol owners, though, and if one or more of the things below are true for you as a gun owner, then a silencer might be a good purchase for you as well. You Practice Shooting at Home [Read More]